Auros™: Knowledge Best Shared™

“Knowledge is the source of Wealth. Applied to tasks we already know, it becomes Productivity. Applied to tasks that are new, it becomes Innovation.” — Peter Drucker

Auros is an active knowledge management system that:

  • Captures your enterprise knowledge
  • Gives it structure
  • Ensures your knowledge base is correct and current
  • Puts your technical knowledge to work to assess designs and power true innovation

Document management systems, collaboration software tools, knowledge base and PLM solutions don’t do enough when it comes to knowledge management. Auros turns your organizational knowledge into a valuable asset that drives efficiency and spurs innovation.

Auros has its roots in engineering, but its ability to take on some of the most complex, high stakes knowledge management challenges in the highly interconnected world of advanced manufacturing, makes it a flexible and robust solution for many knowledge-intense endeavors. Learn more.


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How Leading Manufacturers Use Active Knowledge Management for Competitive Advantage

Engineering Rules Conflict

An OEM with a workforce of 6,000+ engineers struggled with conflicting and incomplete product development design rules spread all over the world. learn more

Demographic Drivers

Consolidation at a Tier One component supplier created a huge expertise drain, leaving new employees with no understanding of even basic processes. learn more

Costly Retooling

An industrial manufacturer endured costly retooling and redesign from inconsistent, incomplete and out-of-date inputs that created a disconnect between engineering and manufacturing. learn more